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The nanodots by Nano Magnetics Ltd. is a toy which consists of 236 powerful magnetic spheres. These spheres which we call dots or balls you can stick and grouped together, molded, shaped together in many different varieties of configurations and so much more. The Nanodots are not common magnets. They are made from material which is called neodymium. In the production process is used high-tech technology which makes the nanodots magnets characteristic. This puzzle toy is suitable for children 8 and up and adults too. You can make different constructions as you like or just relax and mold the nanodots in your hand.

You can buy the Nano dots with different colors as nickel which is called original metallic, black, gold, silver. Each packing of nanodots edition contains 231 individual nanodots. 5 spares to replace lost / worm balls. Carry pouch which protects your nanodots with a soft pouch. In the packing you can find an instruction manual which contains basic techniques. Buy more packings of this toy with different coatings (four colors avaible) to evolve your creativity and make more interesting micro constructions. Move over Lego and other old puzzle games. Play with NanoDots! Enjoy more fun and make individual 3-D structures or play with a friend who will more quickly make the cube. The original nanodots you can buy online at or at other shops also too as amazon. The nanodots are a bestseller hit. If you wanna see this toy you can visit the Toy Fair 2010 in New York or other famous toy fairs. You can find this magnet puzzle on the market with different names too as BuckyBalls or NeoCube.

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With nanodots you can easily explore education for children. It is a new philosophy of learning through play. Each nanodots has two poles. One pole attracts and second repels. How easy to show the kids the principles of physics.
23.02.2010 revised 17.05.2010

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Original packing, unlimited fun, this all offer Buckyballs magnets. Original toy for children and adult.