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magnetic nanodots

magnetic nanodots

If you like playing or manipulating with magnets, you’ll be likely to enjoy the magnetic Nanodots, a unique new puzzle construction toy. Each set of magnetic Nanodots contains 236 pcs of tiny magnetic spheres. There are available different editions of Nanodots magnets as Original Nickel, Black Edition, Gold Edition and Silver Edition. Tiny magnetic spheres allow you to play many games with them. These dots look very small, but offer unlimited fun; just form them to create attractive geometrical designs, shapes and patterns. You can mold these spheres to create two dimensional patterns or for greater complexity, wrap the spheres around themselves to create more attractive three dimensional designs.

Use magnetic Nanodots as a magnets therapy. When you play with them you can relax and concentrate your mind to this nice puzzle toy. If you will create some unique design, make a photo and share your own creativity with other people on Facebook and other social sites. Magnetic Nanodots are popular worldwide, because it is an original toy which is very additive. With Nanodots magnets you can stimulate your brain with a unique mathematical imagination. Suitable as a toy for children to know more about the principles of physics and geometrical understanding while simply playing with this magnetic Nanodots toy.
11.03.2010 revised 17.05.2010

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Original packing, unlimited fun, this all offer Buckyballs magnets. Original toy for children and adult.