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nanodots golden globe

nanodots golden globe

Tim Szeto (left) and Denis Saveliev (right) the founders of Nanodots magnetic elements created in the 14th January 2011 the world's largest magnetic sculpture, replica of the Golden Globe award. To create this sculpture, they use more then 550,000 gold magnetic balls. Weight of this scuplture which was created in a Golden Globes gift suite in Hollywood was more then 600 lbs. The previous world record included only 32,786 magnetic dots. Components of the magnetic replica were created in Toronto, Canada and transported to L.A. - Los Angeles in California, U.S, where it was completed.

For their efforts, Denis Saveliev and Tim Szeto got world record certification. Guinness World Records Limited was on hand to award their work the World's Largest Magnetic Sculpture.

Nanodots is original toy composed of neodymium magnetic balls. Main market of this toy is in North America in Canada and U.S. - United States of America. Small magnetic dots are very suitable to explore the creativity. No need create so large sculpture as an Golden Globe. With some tricks you can create cube, pyramid, tetrahedron and many others creations.

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