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nanodots magnets

nanodots magnets

Nanodots magnets are strong rare earth magnets made of neodymium. In the year 1982 China Academy of Science discovered this new material neodymium as an alternative to samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets which are of a very high cost. Nanodots magnets are small tiny spheres with size 5mm in diameter. Mass production of neodymium magnets reduces the price of this hi-technology material and offers a new application in the toy industry.

Each set of Nanodots contains 236 pcs of these hi-technology permanent magnets. Nanodots magnets for kids and for adults too, offer unlimited fun. You can make different geometrical shapes, constructions and other objects. Nanodots magnetic toy is an amazing toy which you will love. Always you can make an infinite number of different patterns. If you don't know what you can make, just make a long chain and from that chain try to make the cube. Nanodots powerful magnets is an incredibly addictive desktop fidgeting toy. Just check out their video on youtube to see all the things you can do with them.
02.03.2010 revised 17.05.2010

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