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nanodots toy

nanodots toy

The Nanodots is a new toy, which is full of strength and magnetic with a free carry pouch. The Nanodots looks simple as 236 rare earth neodymium magnets, but they provide amazing possibilities. This toy is not as any classic puzzle toy with one solution but it offers billions of solutions. The beautiful very strong magnet spheres are really the perfect material to create any shapes, patterns, geometrical constructions as you like. Nanodots toy has only one limitation and that is your imagination. If you don't have mind for any games with the Nanodots magnets you do not need to play with them. You can use them as a stress reliever. Mold, snap, squeeze them in your hand soon you will feel better.
04.03.2010 revised 17.05.2010

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Original packing, unlimited fun, this all offer Buckyballs magnets. Original toy for children and adult.