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nanodots toy fair

nanodots toy fair

In New York at Toy Fair 2010 the company Nano Magnetics Ltd. introduced a new original magnetic toy Nanodots. Nanodots is composed of magnetic building spheres. The magnet spheres are very tiny and look as small dots. Diameter size of these amazing small dots is exactly 5mm - a perfect size-to-strength ratio for each little magnet. If we want to translate the brand Nanodots it can be translated as Nano - something which is very small similar to micro, nano, pico and Dots which means dot, point, small ball, sphere.

Each person can use Nanodots magnets with a different idea. For someone it can be a very nice necklace or other kind of jewelry. For someone else the small magnets can be a very good construction material to make different shapes, a pyramid, patterns, a hexagon, a helix and many other wonderful constructions. The wonderful shiny spheres can be used also as a puzzle to make different patterns, just check on the internet some photos on flicker or video on youtube and immediately you will have an idea for a new puzzle game. It depends only on you if you want to make some large structure or just a small ring or polygon.

The Nanodots magnets are made of neodymium which are the strongest permanent magnets available today. You can buy Nanodots with different color coating as Black, Gold, Silver and Nickel - Original edition.

Nanodots - Danis Save, Tim Szeto

The company Nano Magnetics Ltd. has two young owners Danis Save and Tim Szeto who is the company's Director of Sales and Marketing. The website page of nano dots is, there you can buy these unique Magnetic Micro Constructor sets. The Nanodots also offer an affiliate program with 10% commission. So promote this exclusive toy, which is a great gift, and earn some money. You can make a page with some tips how to make a cube and other shapes and then offer a link with the page where to buy it.

The Nanodots is a perfect toy for all children. With the Nanodots the kids will understand the basics of physics magnetism, geomtery and mathematic. The children can play and learn at one time. Nanodots magnets is a toy for children 8 and up, because it contains small magnets which can be easily swallowed. The children under 8 can play only under your supervision.
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